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Rome L/P Gas Payment Options


We provide our customers with multiple payment plans and options. Our office professionals have ability to process debit & credit in office or over phone securely. Checks received are processed electronically or deposited locally.  We strive to simplify receiving payment for our service to fit your needs. 


COD: COD is CASH OR CHECK ON DELIVERY: Our COD customers enjoy the ability to make payments over phone prior to delivery, schedule delivery when customer can be there during delivery for payment, and payment placement for drivers to receive on delivery while your not at home.


Credit: We welcome ccustomers that wish to set up a charge or credit account.  Our office professional will request for a credit application be filled out to review credit history for approval.  Credit terms allows customer to charge services to eliminate worries of scheduling payments before service is rendered. Our credit terms are net 15 Days after service.


Rome L/P Gas truckBudget Billing: The budget billing program allows the customer to make monthly payments to build a credit balance on their account.  This allows customers to have money on their account to use towards services in the future.Our office professionals have ability to review the customers usage to determine a monthly payment amount to consistently build credit which supplies customer with funds to minimize cost when deliveries or services are performed.


Pre-Pay Gas: Our Pre-Pay or Contract Gas program is a yearly program we run in August - September each year.  Pre-Pay Gas allows customers to Pre-Pay or pay in advance for deliveries made throughout the winter at the Pre-Pay price that gas was purchased for during the program period.  This allows customers to purchase gas for winter at the low summer rate.